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This human experience is a journey of the soul.  Your soul wants to express itself in its greatest fulfilment.  You are given free will and so you must choose where your consciousness lies.  Here at 'Beyond the Matrix' your conscious awareness is taken on a journey through your human experience in connection to your Higher Self, the you that expresses through your divine potential.

This journey requires every day practice to show up to yourself.  Embodiment of this divine potential through you requires deep surrender of the programming that makes you feel small, unloved, unworthy, limited.  The choice to let go of this attachment to suffering is huge and powerful beyond measure as is the choice to continue to step into the light of your Higher Self.  There is nothing more important at this time in history.


'Beyond the Matrix' holds the space for you to have the courage to meet all aspects of self with unconditional love and compassion, one step at a time.  Letting go of your grip to what you have known takes practice, guidance and support.  Allowing new pathways to be born from your Higher Self comes from a space of invitation and allowing.  


You have free will and your Divine Self will not interfere unless asked to do so.  Learning to build that relationship takes practice.  'Beyond the Matrix' helps you to find the doorways of further expansion through you with encouragement and reminders to ask at every opportunity for divine solutions to be born through you.  Through feelings of limitation, lack, self-hatred, trauma, pain, darkness etc... is born expansion and true sovereignty.  Discover that these feelings are the signposts to invite you to more light, love, healing and compassion, deeply transforming you every step of the way.

The most powerful path of transformation is through you.  You do need to show up.  You do need to be willing to let go and choose differently.  With conscious awareness of self beyond your supposed limitations you can transform every facet of your life.  There is no greater gift you can give yourself and others at this time.  I invite you to take a leap of faith, start a journey of transformation, willingly embodying and experiencing new realities more aligned to the truth of your divine nature along the way. 


With love, Nicola. 


"Embodiment of your divine nature.  This is the new paradigm.  You have everything you need.  Being conscious of the divine presence within you is powerful.  to begin operating as this, at One with you...stepping into the knowing of who you really are."

- Nicola Cunha


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Spiritual Alchemy Session
Clearing the way to access more of your Divine Potential


Working with your consciousness and a combination of shamanic principles, Divine Feminine Consciousness and a quantum physics based modality called Matrix Energetics®, the intention will always be... to clear the way for you to access more of your Divine potential.  

In these sessions we journey into the subtle body which provides a gap of the quantum kind, allowing empowerment and transformation.  With awareness of a field of information that projects and carries with it a message that can influence and bridge between the spiritual and material world, we can move beyond restriction and be open to possibility.

Because the subtle body’s expression is non-local, operating beyond space and time, expressing itself throughout a field of consciousness, information is exchanged instantly.   Connecting to divine creative imagination, this spiritual technology becomes the instrument that informs and gives shape to reality.  Leveraging intention and pure potential space becomes a very powerful medium of transformation, potential that is manifested into reality through you.

These sessions identify places within you that feel restricted, lacking and separate and connect you back to that potential space within you.  The way is opened for you to heal and transform through your true source of being in every aspect of your soul.  All places within you have this open possibility. 


You are supported, you are loved, your Divine self is rooting for you to return home to the arms of the one true source of your being, one loving step or leap at a time.  You are seeded from this open, potential, powerful space.  This is transformational!  Change is created through you.  All you have to do is show up to yourself.



Single session (1 hour via Zoom): $115

6 session Package (x 6 1 hour sessions via Zoom):

$550 or x 4 $140

  A Journey Through Consciousness
Healing and Co-creating Through Your Higher Self










 x 8 weekly calls

Activating your Higher Self Consciousness

Each call is a journey to activate awareness of your true divine nature.  One step at a time shifting you into a deeper relationship with your Higher Self, opening to receive and experience through your Higher Self consciousness.  Learning to surrender all that is keeping you bound and allowing yourself to step into your greatest potential.

Showing up differently to yourself takes practice and courage.  It takes guidance and learning a new way of operating.  You are the vehicle that is co-creating with your consciousness.  Show up to every part of you, parent self in the most empowering way, begin co-creating with your Higher Self and step by step open the pathways to experiencing life aligned to your greatest joy.

This journey will teach you how to be radically present to your human journey and merge that with your divine potential.  To step into your sovereignty and fully show up to yourself takes tremendous courage and persistence.  These calls offer activation, guidance and mentorship.  There is no searching outside but a radical activation of what is already within you.  

Each call will be received and transmitted through Higher Self Consciousness to speak to you in the most powerfully activating way for you.  Time will be needed between each call to allow integration of the activations, messages and information shared in the calls.  It will also give you time to put into practice the new ways of showing up to yourself and opening to receive new pathways.  If you are not ready for your reality to change, then this is not for you!

If you are ready to co-create with your Higher Self and step into your greatest potential,

the most powerful time is NOW!

Be open to receive your Divine inheritance.

Creating the change in your inner world is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself, your family and the world around you.

Be brave and let's hear your ROAR!

Announcing "This is who I am"


$620 x 1 payment

or $105 x 6 payments



More information about the sessions

  • If you would prefer to converse with me before you commit to a session...please feel free.  I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible.  Mobile: +61411612195 or email:

  • To book a session I would prefer that you contact me directly as above or in the Get in Touch section below.  With ever-changing life I find it easier to co-ordinate with different time zones if we have direct contact to find a time that suits us both.

  • Please provide me with your email address after the initial booking.  It is required so I can send you a 'Client Informed Consent and Agreements for Services' form to sign before the commencement of the session.  A signed copy of the form must be returned before commencement of the first session.

  • Cleared payment must be organised before the first session commences.  If you commit to a package a payment plan can be arranged upon request. 

  • At the time arranged, connect via Zoom meeting invite that will be sent to your email.

  • In this Zoom meeting we will discuss your intentions for the session and I will conduct a 60 minute session while sitting in a quiet space with no interruptions. 

  • You will have an opportunity also to share your experience and ask any questions you may have.


“Nicola is a very powerful and extremely gifted healer, she is also kind, warm, loving, funny and very professional.  I have had the pleasure of working with Nicola over the last 3 years.  Nicola's sessions have helped me to find my true self and restore balance to my often messy, crazy world.  She has helped me to work through many blockages physical, mental and emotional. 

I am very grateful to Nicola for the amazing, positive changes and understanding that have followed from our sessions.  My sessions with Nicola have not only helped me but also my relationaship with my partner and my children.  They have helped me understand how it is to live from your heart space and to love myself as I am.  Also to experience my emotionas fully as well as allow others to experience theirs without trying to fix them or change them.

I am so grateful for my time working with Nicola.   It has been so deeply insightful and magically transformative.  Thank you so very much.  xxxx "




Nicola Cunha

Mob: +61 411 612 195

Noosaville, Qld

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