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‘Beyond the Matrix’ offers a safe and supportive space that works beyond the normal perceived parameters of awareness to allow shifts in consciousness.  These sessions connect with your soul and listen on a deeper level to begin working on the patterns that have become stuck in time creating repeated undesirable circumstances in your life. 


This loving space allows doors to open and patterns to shift allowing expansion of what is possible for you.  With Divine grace flowing through you, you become more aware of your own inherent potential. You begin to make better choices more aligned with your true self......effecting you in relation to…..everything.  


What comes through in these sessions is different for each person as each one of us has different filters and perceptions.  However, the intent and the vibration held in the sessions is always the same, bringing you in to further alignement with your true potential.  Whatever you want to achieve from these sessions, the results will always bring you into futher alignment with your truth, your wholeness...your soul.

To truly experience requires participation.  Let me invite you to step into a space that at times defies explanation.  This space is safe, very supportive and loving.  Simply put we are dissolving that which is not serving you, opening doors to your inherent potential and allowing you to align to your soul frequencies....take the quantum leap!   READ MORE

"In order to find our joy in all its glory,

we must embrace ourselves unconditionally

and live from our hearts"

- Nicola Cunha



Beyond the Matrix - Single Session
 75 mins ($125)

Please see 'ABOUT - Session Details' for a description of these sessions.

These distant sessions are conducted in the privacy of your own home or wherever you happen to be at that time.   The is no requirement to be in the same physical space...as what transpires works beyond space and time. 

We begin by discussing what is coming up for you, some key patterns/emotions that are repeatedly showing up, wherever the conversation leads us...we will be guided with what comes through in the moment.   

Working within the interface that is the subtle body we will be working on bringing that which is rigid and stuck within back into flow and connection with possibility and potential. 

The session will run for approximately 75 mins including discussions before and after the session.

Technological connection through Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp

Beyond the Matrix
5 session Package
$550 x 1 payment or
3 x $185

To dedicate yourself to this kind of work means that you really want to change.  Part of this transformational work requires us also to do things differently.  Your energetic signature will change with this process and with that is an element of responsibility and awareness that will tie in with the work.  We cannot blindly be led through this change.  We must participate and experience and practice things differently.  However scary this may sound, or not, it is all wrapped up in a package of unconditional love and you will be provided with support along the way. 


This process will dismantle the old and create space for the new, enabling you to embody the greater vastness of your being.  Along the journey you will be given tools to take with you to continue expanding your awareness and creating a life connected with your soul, living with your body, your feelings and your mind...in truth.

Join me into a deeper journey with self, letting go of the boundaries and stepping into more freedom, love, joy, compassion, abundance and creativity.  :)


More information about the sessions

  • If you would prefer to converse with me before you commit to a session...please feel free.  I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible.  Mobile: +61411612195 or email:  2beyondthematrix@gmail.com.

  • Book a session time by contacting me directly as above or in the Booking window on this website.   This is to insure with time zone differences the session times suit us both.

  • Provide me with your email address.  It is required so I can send you a 'Client Informed Consent and Agreements for Services' form to sign before the commencement of the session.  Send me a copy of the signed form.

  • Organise cleared payment before the session.  If you commit to a 5 session package upon request a payment plan can be arranged.

  • At the time arranged, connect via Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp at the agreed time to have a discussion about intentions for the session.

  • I will conduct a 45 minute session while either lying down or sitting in a quiet space with no interruptions

  • At an allotted time we will reconnect and discuss what has come up during the session

  • You will have an opportunity also to share your experience


“Nicola is a very powerful and extremely gifted healer, she is also kind, warm, loving, funny and very professional.  I have had the pleasure of working with Nicola over the last 3 years.  Nicola's sessions have helped me to find my true self and restore balance to my often messy, crazy world.  She has helped me to work through many blockages physical, mental and emotional. 

I am very grateful to Nicola for the amazing, positive changes and understanding that have followed from our sessions.  My sessions with Nicola have not only helped me but also my relationaship with my partner and my children.  They have helped me understand how it is to live from your heart space and to love myself as I am.  Also to experience my emotionas fully as well as allow others to experience theirs without trying to fix them or change them.

I am so grateful for my time working with Nicola.   It has been so deeply insightful and magically transformative.  Thank you so very much.  xxxx "




In cat timp primesc comanda si cum se livreaza?

In mod normal toate comenziile se livreaza in aproximativ 7 zile dar pot exista mici intarzieri. Timpul maxim de livrare a comenzii dvs. este de 14 zile. Livram prin flota proprie sau curierat rapid in functie de locatie si de comanda.

Cum platesc?

Se poate plati ramburs la sofer/curier in momentul primirii comenzii sau online cu cardul bancar.

Produsele mele vor fi in regula pe perioada transportului?

La MOOBIS oferim o mare importanta impachetari produselor. In asa fel incat toate produsele vor ajunge la dvs. in regula, dar pentru siguranta oferim deschiderea coletului la livrare gratuit la fiecare comanda.

Doresc returnarea produselor. Ce trebuie sa fac?

Aveti dreptul legal de 14 zile pentru returnarea produselor. Daca doriti returnarea produselor din diferite cauze va rugam sa ne contactati pe e-mail OFFICE@MOOBIS.RO sau la numarul de telefon 0758552297. Produsele trebuie sa fie in aceeasi stare ca in momentul plecarii din depozitul nostru.

Cum va pot contacta?

Daca doriti sa ne contactati puteti la telefon 0758552297 sau e-mail OFFICE@MOOBIS.RO.

Cum aflu data exacta de livrare a comenzii?

Dupa plasarea comenzii un consultant o sa va contacteze sa va comunice data exacta a livrarii. Inainte de livrare o sa primiti un SMS cu datele soferului care livreaza sau AWB-ul.



Noosaville, QLD


Nicola Cunha

Mob: +61 411 612 195



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