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This human experience is a journey of the soul.  Your soul wants to express itself in its greatest fulfilment.  You are given free will and so you must choose where your consciousness lies.  Here at 'Beyond the Matrix' your conscious awareness is taken on a journey to look and experience beyond your human programming and connect you to your Higher Self, the you that expresses through your divine potential.

This journey requires every day practice to show up to yourself.  Embodiment of this divine potential through you requires deep surrender of the programming that makes you feel small, unloved, unworthy, limited.  The choice to let go of this addiction to suffering is huge and powerful beyond measure as is the choice to continue to step into the light of your Higher Self.  There is nothing more important at this time in history.


'Beyond the Matrix' holds the space for you to have the courage to meet yourself in all your stories with unconditional love and compassion.  You will learn to invite your Higher Self's presence into all of you one loving step at a time. Letting go of your grip to what you have known takes practice, guidance and support.  Allowing new pathways to be born from your Higher Self comes from a space of invitation and allowing.  


Step deeper into a relationship with yourself, alchemizing through a relationship with your Higher Self, your divine consciousness that knows itself in wholeness.  'Beyond the Matrix' helps you to find the doorways of further expansion through you.  There can be feelings of limitation, lack, self-hatred, trauma, pain, darkness etc...  Discover that these feelings are the signposts to invite you to more light, love, healing and compassion, deeply transforming you every step of the way.

The most powerful path of transformation is through you.  You do need to show up.  You do need to be willing to let go and choose differently.  With conscious awareness of self beyond your supposed limitations you can transform every facet of your life.  There is no greater gift you can give yourself and others at this time.  I invite you to take a leap of faith, start a journey of transformation, willingly embodying and experiencing new realities along the way.  Namaste. 


"Embodiment of your divine nature.  This is the new paradigm.  You have everything you need.  Being conscious of the divine presence within you is powerful.  to begin operating as this, at One with you...stepping into the knowing of who you really are."

- Nicola Cunha




Single Session (Distant)

'Transformation of Consciousness'

This package is for those who are willing to show up to themselves and go on a journey of transformation.  Radical transformation occurs through you.  Here you are offered activation, guidance and mentorship as you move through these shifts in consciousness.  Showing up is the first step.


This package offers:

 - x 8 Activating Higher Consciousness Private sessions (70 minutes each session)

- 'A Guide to Self Awareness' to support your journey

- x 2 Question and Answer Calls to integrate (45 mins each)

This package is for those who choose to:

- heal layers of wounding and end attachments to suffering

- end the war within yourself and begin the journey to live with more peace, love and harmony

- embrace the emotional self 

- embody a consciousness that is loving, warm, centered, compassionate, dynamic, intelligent, inspiring and whole

- be present with life

- open the doors to knowing self beyond the third dimension

- open and listen to the voice of tyour heart

- be present to life at every level

- allow your Higher Self to flow through you creating a shift in your operating system

- show up with a relationship with self beyond what you have known

- embrace all feelings that are alerting you to greater expansion

- learn tools to step out of programming and open to being guided by your Higher Self

- be the artist and the canvas stepping deeper into the knowing that you are a co-creator of your world

- invite a deeper relationship with yourself 

- increase awareness of your multidimensionality

- continually invite the embodiment of your divine nature into your human form

- open your awareness to receiving different grids of information and frequencies of light through your Higher Self

- continue to align to your divine nature


$795 x 1 payment or x 6 $135 instalments

These distant sessions are conducted in the privacy of your own home or wherever you happen to be at that time.   The is no requirement to be in the same physical what transpires works beyond space and time. However, you do need a private space and it is ideal to have access to Zoom.


We begin by discussing what is showing up in your awareness at that time. Working with your consciousness, we begin a journey to unravel what is not serving you and also open pathways to receive and allow more flow and connection with your Higher Self.   Depending on what shows up on the day we can be working on all levels of being; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

The session will run for approximately 70 mins.


In these sessions activations occur within your consciousness that reach all four levels of being.  Working through places within that feel small, restricted, unloved and disconnected we begin opening these places to your Higher Self awareness creating expansion and transformation. 

These sessions are run through Zoom invite.  For more information also see "About: Session details".



$120 for a single session


'Healing through my Emotional Self'








This package is for those who are feeling the rollercoaster ride of their emotions and are committed to learning tools and ways to step out of the cycles of suffering.  With support and guidance you will learn how to:

- be present within your body

- be present with your emotions within your body without the story of them

- show up to your emotions in a totally different way which allows them to move within you

- honour your feelings and heal through your presence with them

- see the signs of escapism and resistance and learn tools to being more present within yourself


This package offers:

x 4 Mentoring/Coaching/Activating sessions (45 mins each)


$285.00 one payment or x3 $100 instalments

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More information about the sessions

  • If you would prefer to converse with me before you commit to a session...please feel free.  I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible.  Mobile: +61411612195 or email:

  • To book a session I would prefer that you contact me directly as above or in the Get in Touch section below.  With ever-changing life I find it easier to co-ordinate with different time zones if we have direct contact to find a time that suits us both.

  • Please provide me with your email address after the initial booking.  It is required so I can send you a 'Client Informed Consent and Agreements for Services' form to sign before the commencement of the session.  A signed copy of the form must be returned before commencement of the first session.

  • Cleared payment must be organised before the first session commences.  If you commit to a package a payment plan can be arranged upon request. 

  • At the time arranged, connect via Zoom meeting invite that will be sent to your email.

  • In this Zoom meeting we will discuss your intentions for the session and I will conduct a 60 minute session while sitting in a quiet space with no interruptions. 

  • You will have an opportunity also to share your experience and ask any questions you may have.


“Nicola is a very powerful and extremely gifted healer, she is also kind, warm, loving, funny and very professional.  I have had the pleasure of working with Nicola over the last 3 years.  Nicola's sessions have helped me to find my true self and restore balance to my often messy, crazy world.  She has helped me to work through many blockages physical, mental and emotional. 

I am very grateful to Nicola for the amazing, positive changes and understanding that have followed from our sessions.  My sessions with Nicola have not only helped me but also my relationaship with my partner and my children.  They have helped me understand how it is to live from your heart space and to love myself as I am.  Also to experience my emotionas fully as well as allow others to experience theirs without trying to fix them or change them.

I am so grateful for my time working with Nicola.   It has been so deeply insightful and magically transformative.  Thank you so very much.  xxxx "




Nicola Cunha

Mob: +61 411 612 195

Noosaville, Qld

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How many sessions would I need?

It really depends. You may come in for one thing and find that one session has satisfied your goal. You may be looking for a deepening in your soul journey. In this case it is like peeling layers of an onion, each time revealing deeper patterns to be worked on. I offer a 'Transformational Package' of five sessions. I believe with sessions such as these it is so beneficial to keep things moving forward and having the first five sessions within a three month period provides transformation that really penetrates to a deeper level.

Do I need to believe in the work for it to be effective?

I would say no and you certainly do not need to understand it. However, I believe the more resistance one has to change, the more restricted one is to receiving. You certainly do need to be a willing participant in the process with permission granted. In saying that, this resistance could be the very pattern you would like to work on. :)

How do I know if a session has worked?

The best thing I can say here is to look for the differences that show up in your life in relation to what was worked on in the session and also the differences that show up in relation to…..everything.

Can any harm come to me in any way during a session?

These sessions are held from a heart space which is held in a loving, expansive and nurturing container. At times certain emotions and memories may surface which could be perceived as a negative experience. However, if these do surface they are being worked on to be seen, felt and recognised. From there they are embraced into a space that is loving and nurturing, allowing transmutation. It is often the lack of acknowledgement and the shutting out of these emotions that causes the reappearance of them in different stages of your life. In facilitating this kind of change it can only benefit you moving forward. At times you may feel pressure or a small amount of pain in a certain area of your physical body. This will be an area that is being worked on and this sensation will only occur for a short period of time. Again, the space held for these sessions is for positive transformation and for healing.

Can I use my Private Health Cover for these sessions?

Unfortunately because this kind of work is so new and still considered experimental by the Health Authorities, there is no cover by Private Health Policies.

How long does a session go for?

Each session includes a discussion as well as a 45-50 minute Matrix Energetics® session, apart from children which is a shorter overall time frame. The total minimum session times are as follows: Distant session: 1hr and 15 mins Please refer to the ‘SESSIONS’ section on the home page for more details.

Do you do distant healings?

I do conduct distant healings. In fact, now I conduct only distant sessions. Each session is conducted via Zoom Meeting. Because these sessions work on the quantum level, they work beyond space and time. Further information is given in the ‘SESSIONS’ section on the main panel.

What do I need to wear during the session?

These sessions are conducted distantly so you can wear whatever you like. It is recommended to be as comfortable as possible for the session.

Do I need to prepare anything before a session?

You do not need to do anything before a session as what needs to come forth in a session does so in the appropriate timing. You know what has brought you to have a session. What needs to happen will appear for you. One thing to make sure you have time after the session to integrate, allow yourself some space to just be.

Why have these sessions?

- Mental or emotional blockages that seem to be hindering you from moving forward - A physical ailment that is causing you pain or hindering your movement - Low energy levels - Relationship issues with yourself and others - Lacking in joy and love for self - A block in manifesting your desires - A desire to delve deeper and truly experience your true self without the masks - Unable to fully express yourself - Feeling confused or unable to gain clarity in life - Feeling disconnected and overwhelmed with life - A desire to connect to multidimensional aspects of self

Key benefits of these sessions?

- Greater inner peace - Releasing physical, emotional and mental patterns that have a hold on you - Greater freedom to enjoy life - Living life with greater abundance and joy - Greater emotional support for self and others - Gain more clarity in direction - Becoming more intuitive in your decision making - Learn to speak your truth - To see through your masks and personas and be comfortable with who you are - To learn tools to support yourself emotionally, mentally and physically - Freedom from addictive behaviours - Greater connection to self - Allow greater receivership of love in self and therefore from others - Work on key patterns allowing greater business growth - Greater presence with self and therefore with life - Greater mental clarity - Allowing self to connect with the magic of who you are

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are available to anyone looking to shift old programming and patterns that do not serve us anymore or anyone looking to improve their relationship with themselves or others. As we begin to change ourselves from within we begin to experience things differently and become more in tune with our souls' desires. These Matrix Energetics® sessions are open to anyone above eight years old. The person participating in these sessions must be willing and aware of their participation. At times, a partner or friend can purchase a session without discussing it with them first. It is best to leave these decisions up to an individual. The desire for change is very powerful and I find that these sessions can go a lot deeper when there is little resistance to the process.

Anything else I need to know about these sessions?

- Drink plenty of water before and after the session - Make sure you have gone to the bathroom and turned your phone to silent before the session as it is best if the session is not interrupted - It is best not to plan a busy schedule after the session as you will still be in a space of integration. - If you can it would be great to take 15 minutes to ground yourself before driving