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‘Beyond the Matrix’ offers a safe and supportive space that works beyond the normal perceived parameters of awareness to allow shifts in consciousness.  Perceptions in reality can shift in an instant allowing expansion of what is possible for you.  In conversation with universal consciousness expressing through you, you become more aware of your own inherent potential. You are able to make better choices for you and for you in relation to…..everything.  


It is truly amazing the shifts that can occur in everyday life when information is allowed to come through from a space that is not limited by our own filters and masks, unlimited in potential.  Allowing this potential to unfold brings us to our journey towards limitless living.  Experience is a form of understanding.  Let me invite you to move into resonance with your own authenticity and potential and discover the infinite possibilities ‘Beyond the Matrix’!  READ MORE

"In order to find our joy in all its glory,

we must embrace ourselves unconditionally

and live from our hearts"

- Nicola Cunha



DISTANT - Single session
1hr 15 mins ($150)

Distant sessions are conducted in the privacy of your own home or a space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the session. Before the session begins we will discuss the reason for your showing up for the session and the main issues or patterns you would like to shift.   The session will run for approximately 45-50 mins.  After that there will be an open discussion about what was experienced in the session.  

DISTANT - Transformational Package
5 sessions ($625)

This package requires a dedication of transformation.  In each session we will be working on removing deepening levels of patterns and grids of information that have kept us bound and replace them with new patterns of information that support you in moving forward with greater clarity and coherence. This will enable you to embody the greater vastness of your being with more connection, creating a life that is more aligned with your souls' true desires, more aligned with who you truly are. 

Guidance and recommendations are given in alignment with what has shown up in each session for you too fortify the changes that have occurred.


“Nicola is able to intuitively read an issue accurately and work energetically to make it shift.  She gets to the root of the problem and uses the Matrix Healing to transform it.  Through my healing sessions I not only have come alive again, I have come to really know myself for the first time.  I have witnessed my distressing patterns dissolve and found a love within that grows every day. After each session I feel relaxed, clear and focused and a sense of freedom that I have rarely felt before. The empathy and deep compassion she brings to a session coupled with her authenticity and joyful warmth make it an experience that I will always cherish.  I trust her implicitly and am grateful for the amazing changes she has helped bring into my life.”




More information about the sessions

  • If you would prefer to converse with me before you commit to a session...please feel free.  I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible.  Mobile: +61411612195 or email:  2beyondthematrix@gmail.com.

  • Book a session time by contacting me directly as above or in the contact window on this website.   This is to insure with time zone differences the session times suit us both.

  • Provide me with your email address.  It is required so I can send you a 'Client Informed Consent and Agreements for Services' form to sign before the commencement of the session.  Send me a copy of the signed form.

  • Organise cleared payment before the session.  If you commit to a 5 session package upon request a payment plan can be arranged.

  • At the time arranged, connect via Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp at the agreed time to have a discussion about intentions for the session.

  • I will conduct a 45 minute session while either lying down or sitting in a quiet space with no interruptions

  • At an allotted time we will reconnect and discuss what has come up during the session

  • You will have an opportunity also to share your experience



Noosaville, QLD


Nicola Cunha

Mob: +61 411 612 195