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I am a SOUL TRANSFORMATION GUIDE and a CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT FACILITATOR communicating at the quantum level.  I help people be the best version of themselves and assist in awakening and activating the truth of their sovereign divinity.   You have the choice to bring your awareness to your divine consciousness and change the lens of your perspective to that of your Higher Self.  In doing so you begin to command miracles and break the spell of enslavement of your own consciousness.  In knowing yourself here you invite in the radiance of this divine light that you are and divine interventions of grace that is your birthright.


With great desire to facilitate my own healing I travelled the world to learn different methods of transformation.  I became Certified in a consciousness transformation approach called ‘Matrix Energetics®’.  I studied and practiced Womb Consciousness and the divine feminine approach to healing and have practiced in these arts for the last six years.  My mission now is to bring bridging guidance for source consciousness to download into the human experience and form to fully activate and allow multidimensional remembering.

Having been in a place myself where I felt completely broken; physically, mentally and emotionally I know what it feels like to desire inner peace and the freedom to know self beyond supposed limitations.  I have felt the frustration and the exhaustion of feeling stuck in my circumstances.  I could feel that I created my own prison but I had no idea how to free myself.  Here lies my desire to assist others to feel this freedom.


Throughout my journey I found that my reality had been created by a fundamental flaw and viral understanding that I was separate from my divine source of being.  What I was manifesting in my life was a direct impact of my feelings and beliefs of separation from my divine nature.  Through connection to my Higher Self and the divinity within I began to create a new relationship with myself and life.

You are a powerful creator of this universe.  You have a choice whether you remain in the shadows of your existence or whether you step into your divine truth, your infinite potential.  ‘Beyond the Matrix’ was created to offer TRANSFORMATION, both in FACILITATION and through SOUL INTEGRATION tools for you on the ground, within yourself, so you can be and live the knowing of this potential as you and through you in every moment.

This work is powerful, each session we step into the light of consciousness and allow grace to flow through you.  We bring light to that which is not serving you and with conscious intention we awaken multidimensional awareness and divine potential within you.  We are Divine creators.  Let's co-create and awaken this birthright to know and live this potential THROUGH YOU!

‘Empowering people to dissolve their perceived limitations into the magic and freedom of who they truly are’.

- Nicola Cunha

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The nature of the Subtle Body

if you would like to read further about the subtle body, I have included the following information as it most accurately describes the space I work in during these sessions:

(Adapted from Paul Levy - https://www.awakeninthedream.com/articles/god-the-imagination/)

Yes, we have a physical body.  We also have a Divine Body, a "subtle body" that is not humanly constructed but divinely implanted in us from a source beyond ourselves.  This 'subtle body' is the interface between mind and matter, being neither physical nor spiritual, but rather comprised of both, seemingly greater than the sum of its parts.  This 'subtle body' is a hyper-dimensional portal, a product of imagination that influences and bridges, connects the spiritual and material worlds.  Here we see that matter does not exist separately from the psyche, they live and breathe as one.

Our minds tend to keep us captive in self-reinforcing feedback loops, keeping our viewpoints concreted, both towards ourselves and the world around us.  Within our own imaginations we are fluid, we are able to empower and transfigure the subtle body into healing which dissolves our seeming traumas.  This subtle body transcends the world of duality and exists between matter and spirit..it provides a GAP...of the quantum kind.  Here we can become aware of information in form of projections that can carry a message that can alter the recipient.  Here, we are beyond restriction and open to possibility.

The space of the subtle body does not fill space in the same way as ordinary matter and it extends itself all throughout space.    The subtle body does not consist of matter, and yet it exists in every atom of the universe.  Similar to a mirror, the thing-in-itself that the mirror represents is not in the mirror.  Though able to affect our lives, the subtle body is not located in the third dimension of space or time itself.  It literally exists in another dimension, which mysteriously interpenetrates into our dimension.

The subtle body is non-local, not bound or localised to one space or time but transcends the conventional rules of space time, expressing itself throughout the field of consciousness at all times.  Non-local interaction is characterised by instant informational exchange, one part of the universe affects and communicates with another part of the universe.  This occurs infinitely faster than the speed of light with no expenditure of energy.  In this information-filled field which connects and links everything in the universe with every other part in no time is an expression of the indivisible wholeness of the universe.  The subtle body is the revelation and living expression of creative imagination itself.

Alchemists of the old knew of the intrinsic power of the imagination, not merely as a human attribute but a divine activity of the soul.  The human imagination becomes enveloped and suffused with the unconditioned, divine creative imagination...God's consciousness has expanded through us in this moment...the secret essence of the alchemical art.  The act of becoming conscious depends ultimately upon our connection with the infinite, with something divine within ourselves.

In these moments we have access to sacred, primordial, archetypal living images that are there willing to enlist our creative imaginations as instruments to inform and give shape to themselves through our 3rd dimensional world.  We can become instruments through which we allow something that already exists in the mysterious, timeless, higher-dimension of our being to appear and appear in manifest form.  From potential reality to manifested.  A medium of powerful transformation!​





Nicola Cunha

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