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"In order to find our joy

in all its glory,

we must embrace ourselves unconditionally and

live from our hearts"

- Nicola Cunha

I certainly have a story and if I were to describe myself as an animal, it would be a chameleon, forever adapting to my circumstances.  I have explored many of the reflections that life has to offer and at times found life challenging.  However, it is through this willingness to change and learn that has allowed me to be open to possibilities beyond the 'normal' parameters.

I have had many interests.  I have completed a Bachelor Degree in Science majoring in Genetics.  However 'normal' my life seemed on the surface there was a storm brewing within which lead to a major health crisis.  Like many others before me, this lead to a search in a more spiritual direction when main stream medicine would not resolve the issues.  My journey of self discovery started here and still continues today.

In the years following I became a Practitioner in Matrix Energetics (www.matrixenergetics.com), completed Workshops of Melissa Joy's 24 Field's of Flow, fractal holographic fields used for realigning back to your unlimited potential (www.melissajoy.com) and also completed an intense course for Awakening the Sacred Feminine which was a deep embrace of the soul.  I will continue to deepen my commitment to the work that I do. 

Over time I have found my own unique way to provide a platform in which to assist people to live with a greater amount of peace within themselves and to expand the potential of what is possible for them.  Essentially what I am doing within each session will be very unique to each individual as I am communicating with universal conciousness/mind which is expansive and non-dualistic.  In communicating in this way I am not restricted by my own filters of perception and have access to information and frequency potentials beyond what is available through my individual mind.

My approach is warm and open providing an environment in which to delve deeper into what is really holding you back.  Often we have beliefs, perceptions and patterns that are held within us without our conscious awareness.  We can also have emotional blocks that are not being fully honoured and allowed full passage into our experience.  In conversation with you, we can begin to open the doors needed to tap into these beliefs/patterns etc.... then throughout a session we can interact with them in an expansive way, changing them from being stuck, repeating in time...back into flow, wholeness and oneness.  

I work from heart-centered awareness, in communication with what shows up for you in the moment.  This work is not an exact art, however it is connected in a way that is most powerful for you in regards to what we are working on.  This allows for greater possibility as it works beyond the individual mind.  The objective is to always connect you back to your highest potential, uninhibited and from a place of unconditional love.

I feel deeply priveleged to be able to work in this way.  It is a very personal journey to take with someone and I feel honoured to be able to jump into the ocean with all those who choose to do so.


Nicola :)



About  —  



Matrix Energetics® can challenge and transform your beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality.  It provides a new way of experiencing the world we live in and allows for a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities.




Matrix Energetics® (ME) is based on the laws and expression of quantum physics, torsion field physics and Morphic Resonance.  ME is a Consciousness Technology, it is not a technique.   It interfaces with patterns of light and information of an individual’s personal field and allows for movement in consciousness, a re-calibration, experienced as expansion.  ME is a way to change the rigidity of consciousness; a person’s awareness or perception of something.  ME operates from the field of the heart.  This field affect reflects your own inherent potential.  It promotes the ability to come into core resonance with your own authenticity as universal consciousness expressing through you.


ME allows access to biological informational fields that form an active, constantly resonating matrix.  This matrix and its interconnections provide a way for instant, coherent intercommunication throughout the body and its energy fields.  These patterns of light and information can be re-organised creating a wave of transformation.  This change in impaired communication can re-establish the flow of biological information so that the body can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments.

As changes occur it can be experienced as a smooth wave of transformation, the body seems to drop into a completely relaxed state.  The tools used in ME provide access to limitless expression and require open channels of communication with the lattice of information available to us.   The main tools used in ME include The Two Point, Archetypes, 21 Frequencies, Parallel Universes, Time Travel and Modules.  




There are many fixed ideas in our minds of how to get from A to B.  A lot of the time our thinking limits us and restricts the outcomes of many problems we are having.  It was Einstein who said that you can’t do the same thing in the same way and expect to get a different result.


This new paradigm allows for instant access to different states of awareness which allows us to consciously observe things in a different way.  Any time we relinquish the tendency to measure or observe with our conscious limitations, anything is theoretically possible.


When you change the way you observe and encode your reality, you are in effect changing the consciousness structure of what you choose to observe.  Matrix Energetics® allows and represents a way to transform your experience of reality.  This in turn allows transformation into new and powerful ways of being.




There are so many different reasons to volunteer to experience Matrix Energetics®.  If you have ever thought “I wonder if this situation could change?”, it is possible that experiencing ME would make a difference to you.  Whether it be….mental thoughts, emotional patterns that seem to have a hold on you, situations that you seem to be stuck in or physical ailments ….these all represent things that could be worked on in a ME session.  


In allowing access for new patterns of information through the field of Matrix Energetics® you are aiding the embodiment of your own inherent potential.  The field will help you to come into resonance with your true, authentic self.  It is not someone deciding for you what is best, it really does work with universal consciousness expressing through you in your own unique way.  




If I were to find a point that relates to the pattern we are working on, I would then find another point that feels related to the first point in some way.  This is referred to as a Two Point in Matrix Energetics®.  I would feel a pull, an almost magnetic resistance between the two points.  


In my awareness this particular pattern looks and feels dark and dense.  Asking an open-ended question such as “If I were to see or feel a way to change this pattern, what would that be?”  One of an infinite array of possibilities of what might show up; a particular ray of light may appear into my awareness.  I would then ask; “What would be the best way to apply this light?  I could see a blanket of light wrapping around this pattern, I could see a laser beam of the light shooting into the middle of the pattern and expanding outward, I could see  a shower of light raining down on the pattern.  Whatever shows up in response to my question is what I will apply to the pattern for the change.


This is just a very small look into what would happen within 30 seconds of a session.  These are a few of the unlimited possibilities that may show up for that pattern.  This is also one representation of the unlimited number of ways this pattern could have been represented and worked on.




I start a Two Point in relation to a pattern and see a spike in the body that is blocking a point in the bodies’ energy system. (It could have been a pin, a hook, a blob etc…)  I would then ask; “If I were to clear this blockage what would I need to do?”  My mind would immediately want to pull the spike out of the body, logically this would be my first thought.  However, working in the space of all possibility I would wait for something to come into my awareness in response to my question.   I may be shown to pull out the spike, I may be shown to spin the spike, to dissolve the spike, or something completely different.


The very act of working this way with the field can create huge changes in the energetic and physical fields.  Imagine there is a sea of possibilities out there that are there available to be applied.  How exciting!


There are a number of tools not even mentioned here that include The Frequencies, Archetypes, Time Travel and so much more.  Which door or window of opportunity opens to transform the patterns being worked on is forever there waiting for our recognition and application.




Richard Bartlett, the founder of Matrix Energetics®, is a qualified Chiropractor and Naturopath born and residing in the U.S.A.  Richard was always a little different and after starting his practises later on in life he was known for his weird medicine.  

In 1997, a three year old girl came into his clinic at the end of a long day.  This young girl had been diagnosed with a lazy eye.  With the help of exhaustion, Richard proceeded to go into a deep trance and tell this girls’ family about a story that he saw while watching Superman.  


The story was about Superman seeing a little piece of glass lodged in a girls’ eye that was lodged near the girls’ optic nerve.  Superman could see this with his X-ray vision.  Following this event Superman was able to assist a surgeon to remove the piece of glass to restore the girls’ sight.


As Richard was telling the story, he came out of his deep trance state and said, “I have no idea why I just told you that.”  However, as Richard gazed at the girl diagnosed with a lazy eye he saw George Reeves as Superman standing next to her, as a hologram.  A beam of light then travelled from Superman’s eyes to the little girl sitting in his exam room.


With Richard’s inner sight, assisted by Superman, he saw a dark blockage of energy deep within the area of the brain.  Not knowing how to reach it, he decided to go with his gut instinct and placed his index finger on the little girl’s brow, right at the location that Superman’s laser beam eyes were directing him.


Suddenly, a beam of energy shot out of his hand, penetrating her skull, the blockage dissolved instantly.  The child’s eyes appeared to glitter and sparkle, a test was performed in which it was confirmed, she was seeing normally for the first time.

As strange as this tale may sound, this event marked the birth of what came to be known as Matrix Energetics®.


Note:  This story is told in Richard’s first book, “Matrix Energetics – The Science and Art of Transformation” published in 2007 by ‘Beyond World Publishing’.







Nicola Cunha

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