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"In order to find our joy

in all its glory,

we must embrace ourselves unconditionally and

live from our hearts"

- Nicola Cunha

Like everyone else I have a story about my life.  I am well educated. I have a degree in Science, Cert IV in Fitness, Stott Pilates Instructor, Cert IV in Pilates, Cert IV in Allied Health and Trigger Point Therapy Massage.  I gave great value to my education and my thinking mind.  The sweet paradox now being I have had to learn to let go my thinking mind more and more.

I have an amazing, loving husband and a daughter who surprises me every day just being herself.  I live in a beautiful part of the world and I am fully grateful for everything in my life.

All of the above looks peachy.  However, it was not always like this.  I had times in my life that were extremely dark and stormy as I battled with my emotions and my past wounds.  At one point I felt completely broken; emotionally, mentally and eventually physically.

I had always been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe as a kid.  Always knowing that there was more than what was to be seen with the eye.  My journey back from this place of feeling completely broken sparked my journey deeper into these mysteries of life.  Of course, at this stage I was searching for answers and for healing for myself.


On this journey I discovered some really amazing tools to break from the shackles of the past and the yearning of the future by being fully present with myself in the moment.  This was really different.  It allowed me to be with myself...as is.  I felt an inner peace that I recognised...but had not been practicing for a long time.  

I travelled the world to train in some really powerful transformational tools....becoming fascinated with the world of quantum physics.  I became a Practitioner in Matrix Energetics (www.matrixenergetics.com).  Richard Bartlett had an amazing message to give to the world.  His combination of tapping into an infinite field of knowing and information combined with heart centred awareness certainly hit a cord with me.   I fully immersed myself into the field of potential.

I also attended Workshops of Melissa Joy's (www.melissajoy.com).  Melissa works with 24 Field's of Flow which are fractal holograophic fields used to realign self back to our unlimited potential.  I completed an intense course of 'Awakening the Sacred Feminine' in America, deeply embracing self and working on clearing karmic and ancestral patterns. I continue to tap into where my attention takes me.

Listening to a message to find my own way with all of this I now work with others to assist in awakening to their soul's unique song without all the distortion from past wounds and limiting perceptions.  Stepping outside the normal parameters to bring alignment into one's wholeness....hugely expanding potential.  In the process I feel honored to teach some of these really powerful tools to clients so that they can continue the journey within any moment of their choosing.  

This is what excites me....chipping away all that is not aligned to the truth of who you are so that you can go forth and shine!  In honouring your truth with full awareness... you will experience more joy, love, abundance, compassion, creativity and peace.

I feel deeply privileged to be able to work in this way.  It is a very personal journey to take with someone and I feel honoured to be able to jump into the ocean with all those who choose to do so.


Nicola :)



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Two different types of sessions are offered.

TYPE 1:  'Beyond the Matrix' session

These 'Beyond the Matri'x sessions work through the subtle body.  During these sessions I will use tools from Matrix Energetics®, a quantum consciousness technology that interfaces with information and light in the body's energy fields.  These tools are powerful and transformational.   Tools used in Matrix Energetics include The Two Point, 21 Frequencies, Archetypes, Time Travel, Parallel Universes, the Elements, Modules etc....  If you would like to know more, please look at the website:  www.matrixenergetics.com.  I will be tapping into information that is accessed beyond the normal parameters of awareness and also allowing different tools outside of my limited knowledge to penetrate through the interface of the subtle body to allow flow and movement back to the self.

A description of the subtle body:

Yes, we have a physical body.  We also have a Divine Body, a "subtle body" that is not humanly constructed but divinely implanted in us from a source beyond ourselves.  This 'subtle body' is the interface between mind and matter, being neither physical nor spiritual, but rather comprised of both, seemingly greater than the sum of its parts.  This 'subtle body' is a hyper-dimensional portal, a product of imagination that influences and bridges, connects the spiritual and material worlds.  Here we see that matter does not exist separatedly form the psyche, they live and breathe as one.

Our minds tend to keep us captive in self-reinforcing feedback loops, keeping our viewpoints concreted, both towards ourselves and the world around us.  Within our own imaginations we are fluid, we are able to empower and transfigure the subtle body into healing which dissolves our seeming traumas.  This subtle body transcends the world of duality and exists between matter and spirit..it provides a GAP...of the quantum kind.  Here we can become aware of information in form of projections that can carry a message that can alter the recipient.  Here, we are beyond restriction and open to possibility.

The space of the subtle body does not fill space in the same way as ordinary matter and it extends itself  all throughout space.    The subtle body does not consist of matter, and yet it exists in every atom of the universe.  Similar to a mirror, the thing-in-itself that the mirror represents is not in the mirror.  Though able to affect our lives, the subtle body is not located in the third dimension of space or time itself.  It literally exists in another dimension, which mysteriously interpenetrates into our dimension.

The subtle body is non-local, not bound or localised to one sppace or time but transcends the conventional rules of space time, expressing itself throughout the field of consciousness at all times.  Nonlocal interaction is characterised by instant informational exchange, one part of the universe affects and communicates with another part of the universe.  This occurs infinitely faster than the speed of light with no expenditure of energy.  In this information-filled field which connects and links everything in the universe with every other part in no time is an expression of the indivisible wholeness of the universe.  The subtle body is the revelation and living expression of creative imagination itself.

Alchemists of the old knew of the intristic power of the imagination, not merely as a human attribute but a divine activity of the soul.  The human imagination becomes enveloped and suffused with the unconditioned, divine creative imagination...God's consciousness has expanded thorough us in this moment...the secret essence of the alchemical art.  The act of becoming conscious depends ultimately upon our connection with the infinite, with something divine within ourselves.

In these moments we have access to sacred, primordial, archetypal living images that are there willing to enlist our creative imaginations as instruments to inform and give shape to themselves through our 3rd dimensional world.  We can become instruments through which we allow something that already exists in the mysterious, timeless, higher-dimension of our being to appear and appear in manifest form.  From potential reality to manifested.

What happens in these sessions?

In these sessions I consciously work within your subtle energy field which allows me a certain kind of fluidity in working with patterns that seem stuck and held within.  A kind of imaginative play occurs in response to questions asked of the universal field in connection to your subtle body.  These sessions work using a different language and from a different operating system than we are used to.  Instead of being filtered through our conceptual brains, these sessions are conducted outside of the normal parameters of time and space, through the field of the heart.

It is to be experienced with an open heart and mind with a willingness to loosen the grip of the old to experience the new.  There is no set A to B in these sessions as they are all different.  Each person will have their own psyche, emotions and physical manifestations that they will come in with and the universal language that comes through to work with each individual will also be different.  

However different each individual is, all sessions work towards the same goal.  Each session is creating more space within to connect beyond their perceived limitations and beliefs and to be able to experience their unlimited selves through unconditional love and wholeness.  Perceptions change, doors open and we begin to sense and know ourselves from a different space able to tap into the unlimited potential within.

Session Duration: 75 mins

Session Investment:  $140.00

TYPE 2:  'Journey within' session 

These sessions are intimate with self.  The objective in these sessions is to guide you to take a journey within.  Through conversation we will be able to find the doors we need to enter into a journey with the body and mind and what is being held within you. 


These places will be obvious within as they feel stuck, resistant etc... you will know them and your relationship to them within your body, feelings and mind.  A space will be held for you to bring the light of your awareness in to allow change to occur in a most powerful way...through consciousness and the art of allowing. 


These 'Journey Within' sessions allow you to experience and embody what it is like to bring atttention within and to begin to unravel that which is being held within you with the light of your presence.  The insights gained in these sessions are not given to you from outside of yourself but come through from your connection to self in a different way. 


These sessions are offered to provide tools to continually work on self in a way that expands your being.  This work allows and opens doors to new possibilities.  There is a deeper relaxation of being allowed through this work.  This relaxation provides more space to bring through your brilliance from a far more expanded, unlimited place.  


In changing your relationship with self and being the light of awareness, there is an innate freedom that comes with this process.   In changing your relationship with self you also affect your relationship to....everything. 

Session Duration: 30 minutes

Session Investment: $75.00








Nicola Cunha

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