Authentically You

In a space beyond

Beyond the veils

Stripping down to the essence of who we truly are

Without reason

Apart from your individual reality

Naked, raw

Building from there

A foundation of love, truth, honesty, acceptance, joy

Where do we go to find this?


Deep within ourselves and in connection with higher awareness, Divine presence

As co-creators we look to build a world not of separation

But built and created from love, union and truth

With our hearts at the helm instead of leading from our minds, we find a greater expanse of potential, of possibility.

A path not directed from limitation but of limitless potential

First, we dismantle the old tired programs running from fear

Then, we connect

Then…..we allow a beautiful union between ourselves and the Divine

Following a path not of a victim

But being grateful for whatever crosses our path

Knowing, just knowing that what is before us is valuable, whatever lessons and gifts it may bring to our soul’s journey

Being grateful in the understanding that we all have our own paths to find

On a path to becoming authentically you!

- Nicola Cunha