Conscious Entanglement with your I AM presence

When your thoughts and feelings are affixed on your I AM presence, the power of the I AM is upon you. You do not have to do anything but step aside and bear witness to the unfolding of miracles behold. Aberrant thoughts/feelings/beliefs can be lifted instantly through your conscious “entanglement” with your I AM presence.

To know a thing and then bring it to the NO THING you are transmuting through your conscious entanglement. However, it is not through your thinking process but through your conscious awareness and the letting go into the NO THING that creates ALL things.

In essence, it is the passing of the guard, handing over the baton to your Higher Self that knows no bounds. When there is movement from limited to limitless there is no re-definement but a letting go into all there is. There is but a command to pass to the NO-THING, I release unto thee. I passeth to the I AM, the God Self, releasing self from the bounded nature into the limitless truth of one’s divine nature.

I accept the almighty presence of God/Sophia/Source of all things in me.

- Nicola Cunha