Divine grace

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

If I reflect upon me

What I see is only a reflection of my perception

My perception in this world is limited to my senses

My senses...perceiving my outside environment

What of my inner environment?

What of this space of surrender that is ever-present, that is always there?

Looking within is the key

To what I am trying to achieve

There is no way to look to the outer for truth

As truth lies within

It is not located anywhere

My soul does not sit within time and space

But connected beyond

Beyond time and space

Full of grace

It does not look for confirmation of itself

But knows full well itself

There is no need to search for my place in this world

I know my place

Where it has always been

With the grace of God within

I am never confined

Never small

This unbounded space...within us all

But to truly know myself

I must surrender

Surrender my need to be a certain way

My need to anchor to my story

No need to be someone

Fighting for all that glory

I can be the person that I am

Not in separation

But united, as one

Feeling the expansiveness of this place

Feeling the full force of its grace

Aligning to my true nature

My world within

Connected…as one

Holding self with renewed intent

Asking….Soul, aligned with Divine Grace, what is my next step?

Surrendering all to this moment

It is in this moment of awareness NOW

That I am hard-wired for the new to surface

I gather not from perception but from connection

Connection to universal intelligence

Connection to my soul unbounded

In truth

I am this...this is me

- Nicola Cunha