Embodying Grace

To truly step into your magnificence requires a letting go

A letting go of everything that has kept you small

This can bring up a lot of small ideas about yourself

And requires a huge amount of love and compassion for self to move through

One step at a time you can let go

One step at a time you can allow more love into your experience

These are huge shifts, shifts and reassembling your inner world

This requires a daily practice of stepping into the unknown within you

Gone are the days of being complacent

There really is no time for stagnation now

All is moving at incredible pace

Allow fluidity to flush your inner environment

Rigidity can no longer be in this fast-paced shift

The new evolutionary path is to learn to move with grace and fluidity

Allow your crown to open to receive the waterfall of light

The light of your soul ready to flush all stagnation from your being

Your constant requesting to be this fluid will serve you well

Through this new environment that we are navigating our way through

In every moment you can allow grace to move through you

Even through your trauma and suffering, grace will always be at one with you

It is now time to call upon your holy presence

To assist you at every turn, being prayed through you

There is no holding back, no remaining small

This is the moment for you to allow the light of your soul to be embodied as YOU


-Nicola Cunha