Inviting the presence of light

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Mother nature, she calls for our presence She calls for the end of suffering She wants to know why if humans have the gift of free will Why we choose to live out the illusions of suffering and separation from our source She knows that her veins pulse with the same substances as ours Our bodies are born of the same source as hers She chooses love Do you?

She is our mother planet Born of no thing into matter We are her inhabitants Born of no thing into matter We are born of the same light of consciousness into being The very same

She chooses love and holds us in that She knows we are born of the One source She celebrates as she sees a new dawn coming She feels it, she knows it to be This is the new Golden Age of Enlightenment

There are bridges being made Ones that allow us to walk from suffering to joy These bridges are available to every person on this beautiful planet These are the times when we begin to remember our true nature Ourselves in the presence of the light consciousness from which we are made

This light reminds us that we are not alone This light frees us from the burden of separation This light guides us back to the love that we are This light is waiting for your free will to invite it back into you, as you

There is no thing the light cannot be present for There is no darkness too great that the light cannot enter There is no place upon which the light cannot be present All that is required is your willingness to do so

Asking for the light of your presence to be there with you To lift the veils of illusion that you are separate from the light that you are

There is no rule book to say you need to remain in the darkness any longer There is no thing stopping you from stepping into this light There is only a choice to be made

As Mother Earth holds you in this exact same light Will you choose to hold yourself in this light? Will you decide to walk the bridge?

Your Higher Self knows this to be your birthright Your Higher Self is waiting for you to open the doors to this presence within you The light that you are allows rebirth in every facet of you Will you let it shine or will you continue to hide facets of yourself in the darkness?

As Mother Earth holds us in her love and light She certainly does not feel separate from us Are we so blind that we cannot see that we are connected to her and to the light of consciousness in which we are made? It is time to wake up Switch the light on and be present to our true nature

We are Divinely orchestrated beings Birthed from the black womb of creation into the light of being We are here at this time to embrace our divine nature We can choose to live in the illusion of separation from this fact We can choose to keep this story going Or we can consciously at each moment step into the remembrance of our true source nature Inviting in the presence of the light that we are

- Nicola Cunha