Letting go of Emotional Resistance

In order to embrace ourselves fully we need to let go of resistance.

To surrender in to…what is.

What is…in the moment. An emotion….that wants to be seen and felt, without judgement.

Without being told it has no place in the human experience.

This creates a harshness to our souls’ experience that can create walls and barriers to receiving love.

Receiving love from others….also from giving love to ourselves.

This leaves us feeling separated

Separated from our Source…and from a connection to a healing presence….within all of us.

Relax the harshness, the judgement, the resistance… to the emotion.

Allow it to be. Feel it.

Feel the rawness of this energy.

Drop it into the only place that has the capacity to transmute it into something else.

More aligned with love.

Be grateful for its appearance so that it may be seen and felt and cleared from the vaults of denied emotion.

The more you turn your back, the deeper it goes….into the pile.

Resistance…you will recognise it. It will feel uncomfortable.

In recognition of its existence, the emotion can begin to transform.

It can begin to be recognised for what it is….just that…as is...to be embraced into a loving space.

To deny or resist emotion closes the door to the love that it is waiting to receive.

Ask for its emergence.

There is no better way for it to be seen.

Fully feel it

Absorb it into your heart.


Soften to your soul.

Let go of the need to be anything other than what you are in that moment.

Love yourself

Accept yourself unconditionally.

- Nicola Cunha