Living in flow

As the wind blows, as the tides turn

As the sun rises and falls

Everything is in flow, everything is moving

Allowing, passing by, waxing and waning

It is only when we grip tight to something

A thought, a feeling that this flow seems to be disrupted

But, in hindsight, everything is still in flow

It is just our perspective that has stopped to contemplate

To focus on that thing

Our ability to move back into flow

Is paramount to life and its forever changing nature

To fixate is to stop the flow

To simply allow what is

Releases us from the resistance to the moment

If we were to do one thing today, this would be it

Simply surrender

To release the control we think we need to have over the moment

To allow this moment to flow into the next

Without pre-conceived ideas about how it should be

Simply relaxing into the fullness of life

Simply aligning to what is

Living life’s fullness

Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy

Sometimes peaceful, sometimes stormy

In each moment

Holding ourselves in what is

Relaxing our whole being in allowance of ourselves in full glory

All of it….the good, the bad, the ugly

Sure…we may stop to contemplate

Simply allowing those thoughts and feelings in to pass by

In our dance of life

Allowing ourselves to experience without resistance

Allowing our thoughts, feelings and emotions to move through

Like the waves of the ocean

They too are forces of nature

Our human experience

To be lived, to be breathed

To be felt as us….in this moment

This is us

I am that I am

- Nicola Cunha