Merging with Your Divine Self

Divine Self

Allow me to connect to you

Fill me with your presence

Fill me with the awareness that we are truly one

In this moment, I ask to remove any obstacles in my way

To fully receive the light and unconditional love of my source

Allow me to shine like a lighthouse

Not searching outside of myself

But being the guiding light

With immense gratitude that I am here in this moment

I trust that you will guide my path, always

I let go of all that I hold onto

I let go of the weight, the heaviness that is not serving me

I pass this to you to lighten my load

I keep choosing this path of allowing you into my awareness

Lifting me higher and higher

Grounding this within my body

Transforming my very existence

Directing my consciousness

I invite you in

I let go of what is not serving me

I accept that I am at one with you

In truth, we can never be separate

We are merging as one

-Nicola Cunha