At One with the Divine

Nothing for me to carry, it is all to come into flow

Practise being in this flow

This can only happen in full surrender

However, in order to fully surrender

You must be completely in the moment

Without cause

No searching required

You are already partnered with the Divine

In this, you can trust

There is no need to prove yourself to anybody or the Divine

This is a futile exercise

It will only exhaust you and not bring you into unity

Yes, there is fear of loss of self in this

It is only the separated self that will come back to the whole

This will not be felt as a loss, but as a communion

A profound unification of self with the Divine

Try not to think of this as SEPARATION because then there is a seeking to wholeness

Think of it as a UNIFICATION of self

There is a difference in knowing yourself as this and seeking this

To know yourself as this, there is a certain surrender and trust that this is so

There is no middle ground

This is so

To know this in every cell, in every atom of your being-ness

This is the key

This is not a separation, more of a resistance against this knowing

A thought, a belief, or something with an emotional charge that does not allow you into this knowing

To truly know self as this, this resistance needs to be transmuted into allowing within

This translates into a knowing that in all that you are

There is no separation

You are at one with the Divine

There is only resistance to this knowing

Use whatever tools necessary to reduce this resistance within

A dial, a vision, a command

Your desire and conscious awareness of this can transmute at every turn

Your conscious awareness is very powerful

A tool to be used more and more often

Think of what you can imagine in your sleep

We have access to this kind of possibility in transforming this resistance to the Divine

The channels are opening, the desire is there

Deeply surrender into the possibility that you and the Divine are one

You are a vessel to this Oneness

Continue to consciously work on opening these doors of resistance

You do not need to know exactly where you are going

You are supported

You are a dreamer

Do not mix the dream and the dreamer

The dreamer is full of possibility

The dream has now become fixed

Allow the dreamer to be

Be open to all there is

Allow self to not be fixed in the moment but to be open to each moment

Open to the knowing that

I am One with the Divine within me at all times

That is me

- Nicola Cunha