Opening to the Unknown

In order to bring in the new

We must dissolve the old

It is not like just throwing out an old jumper

This is different

Embedded within all of this is a new way of being

We can no longer be blind and mute

We can no longer pretend that everything is going to work out ok if we just keep going

There is an underlying consciousness rising

One that can no longer wait

The very ground we walk on is being shaken

What better way to wake up

What better way to say…enough is enough

This can be taken in several ways

We can continue to fight the fight

To place blame and consequence outside of ourselves

But really what we are being asked to do is stop

Stop holding onto all that keeps us bound

Stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers

We are never going to find them out there

The only place to be right now is right in this moment

This ever changing, shaky ground

What will surface from this is all that has been hidden

All that must be seen

No longer can we be ignorant of what is being put in front of us

No longer can we ignore ourselves

Our fears, our lack of trust

All of our foundations are being rocked

We are on the very edge of a new way to be

It can be felt now that we cannot hold on to the moment

It is changing so quickly, there is no certainty in any of it

It is creating a loosening of the grip to what once was

There is an opening now

There is an opening to the unknown

There is a creative force moving through

The only place to be is in the moment

Soften to all that is within you

Let it be there…all of it

Allow it to surface in its rawness

And be with yourself there

It is ok…you are not alone in this

This is a global awakening

There is nothing to grasp onto

Just being in the moment

Softening to all that is

Allowing, feeling, noticing through your very being

Open the doors to that vastness that is ahead

The foundations are being shaken…yes

It is only to make way for expanded possibility

There is nothing on the outside you need to focus on

The next generation cannot hold this space we have created

It is not sustainable

We are being asked to create anew

We are being asked to co-create

Through our very being

This is different

As we have looked outside of ourselves for a very long time

We cannot know what the future holds at the moment

But we can hold space for ourselves to BE

Keeping the doors open in the next moment

To what is possible

- Nicola Cunha