Releasing the grip

I have spent so long building this idea of who I am Surely I don't want to throw it all away If I throw away my identity Then I have to ask, who am I now?

This is a conundrum This is a challenge If I am not fighting to be who I am Then what of me?

I have learnt from my past And I am heading for my future But what of me now? In this space, who am I being? Who is in the driver's seat?

Being present to myself in the moment is different I cannot cling to my past Like the natural flow of life and this planet I cannot hold, grip onto what has been

But let it is

An attempt to hold on to what I know leads me to the same path I am not as one with the creator I am not bringing anything new to the table I will function in the same way I have always functioned

So how do I step out of what has always been? Step into the moment Witness self in a new light Let go of the old, tired reactions of being

Being aware of the holding in the moment

Shining the light of my awareness This allows me to choose differently Instead of my labels, my constructs, my must and must not's etc... I can choose to create space and flow Creating more freedom within

This takes practice This takes will and dedication Being present with oneself can create vulnerability and unknowing Relaxing into oneself without the story Allowing thoughts and reactions to pass...releasing them into the flow of life

What I identify with I hold onto What I hold onto has a hold on me With the light of my own awareness I can begin to create more freedom within

Allowing my light to shine Not with my masks But in deep connection with the true essence of my being My true self

Going in Relaxing the tension held within Softening to my being Creating space to the moment Expanding self in the most intimate way

Making peace with all within Allowing self to unravel from the grip of the past Being reborn into a space that is different Expanded, impregnated with possibilty

Alchemising the past through the now

With the power of my choosing to do so Allowing, trusting that if I just let go of my grip Relax into my being I am making space for who I really am

- Nicola Cunha