The Illusionists

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Here on Earth at this time. One wonders, what is time?

What if time did not exist? What if it was all an illusion?

What if it was all to do with flow?

A dance through time

A dance to the music

If we would only listen to the harmonies

Tune in like a radio

Tuning in to our own voice

Tuning in to our own soul

Tuning in to our hearts

What if all this time we have been searching for answers in all the wrong places?

Outside of ourselves, listening to others

STOP. Quieten. Pay attention.

How do you want to dance?

Maybe we could tune in to a Universal frequency?

One with far more scope than we thought possible

What if we began to finely tune ourselves to some new stations we want to resonate with?

The LOVE channel

The PEACE channel

The ABUNDANCE channel?

The Universal channel has so many frequencies

Play with the dial

You are the frequency tuner dialed up to the Universe

Visualise, ask, play with the dial

Why not play?

Find the music that wants to play through you

Dance, play, live

Allow yourself to become the conductor of your own symphony

Harmonic, in tune and masterful in its direction and guidance

Allow the illusion of WHAT IS to be in flow, in resonance with your souls’ desires

Truly aligning with Universal Consciousness

The Creator at work through us

Ooh…..the possibilities!

- Nicola Cunha