The Power of Presence

When we stand in presence, we stand whole and complete

We do not look to others to make excuses for us

To shine the light on our misguidances

When we stand in Being, in presence, we can see clearly our very selves

We accept all there is, in that moment

Who am I?

In this moment, I am here not trying to be anything else

I am totally present with myself, with you, with all things

Where have I been you ask?

Could it be that I have hidden in the recesses of my mind?

With presence

Now I see that I have not really been here

In this moment, with you or with me

In this moment I can now accept myself as is

I can now move beyond my story and in to presence

What do I feel in this moment?

Now I can really move out of my conditions and in to who I am…NOW

I can now shine the light on my darkness

Bring joy to my pain

I no longer seek a future me that is fixed

I am whole and complete now

I accept myself as I am

With all of me, present in the moment

In all my glory and pain

I have not embraced myself in all that I am

But now, in this present moment I can allow all that is

I can fully be me

I choose now to be present in my body

I choose now to break away from the conditioning of my mind

I now know that if I do not make this choice

I will be forever bound by the conditioning of my mind

I will be forever wondering why it is I cannot break free from my wounds

I will be forever bound by the inner world that I am creating in my mind

Where does my true self lie?

If I am truly present, being conscious

What can I truly achieve?

What could be truly possible without being bound from my mind?

Try it… will see

- Nicola Cunha