The Power to Create through the Heart

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

From here we can travel to anywhere; beyond space and time.

Here we can ask to be in contact with any information needed.

The answers not at your fingertips but in the field of your heart.

Resonating with your query, your question, your need.

Clear your mind, clear the path to what you think you know.

Allow the Universe to provide you with a door that only opens through the field of your heart.

Let what is available to come to you, pop into existence through a different mind.

Let the unimaginable come into existence by allowing and letting go of the reigns.

Become a vessel of Universal wisdom and knowledge through a different portal.

One that allows a powerful answer to your question, without the narrow bands of perception.

Allow, witness the unfolding of incredible possibility in answer to your question.

Throw out the old maps, they are outdated.

They only show a tiny portion of what is possible.

There really is no set menu, only possibility.

Connect to your heart field and ask specific open-ended questions.

To close a question, closes the possibility.

There are portals/doors ready and waiting to be accessed.

Allow the heart to open the apertures of awareness.

Finely tune your asking.

Be in touch with your soul.

What really brings you into alignment with the truth of who you are?

Ask for any of your souls’ separation from love to be shown to you.

Send out signals, the waves to receive an answer to your asking.

Drop a pebble into your heart space and feel the waves radiating out.

If I was to speak from my heart now, how would that be?

If I had access to my inner knowing now, how would that show up?

Follow your awareness from your heart and the possibilities that will show up will be expansive.

True Alchemy comes from the heart.

It can transform deep emotions in a deep embrace.

It can lead you to new pathways in life you never thought possible.

Through the heart you can tap into parts of yourself you didn’t know you had.

You can tap into Universal grids of information.

Ready, poised for your allowing, accessing ALL there is.

Ready in all moments, here and now!

- Nicola Cunha