Through an open heart

When we show our emotions

We cannot stand in judgement

We must accept ourselves as is

Not as expected....but raw, with feeling...and vulnerable

We must keep ourselves open to movement within us

Not slam the door on ourselves

Hiding in the shadows

Waiting for someone else to take our pain away

We must be willing to feel these raw emotions

Completely open to our woundings...but not in order to feed it more

But to show those feelings compassion and love

To show unconditional love to the very parts of ourselves that need it the most

In giving space to those parts to be felt and seen, we can realign ourselves to our true essence

Loving, honouring and embracing

It may not be pleasant in the moment

But, it is staying present with these feelings that allows the movement through us

There is nothing wrong with us in these moments

In fact, they are more real than any other

Just showing love and giving attention to those parts of ourselves that have been rejected for so long

Honouring and allowing

We are not trying to fix ourselves in any way

But bringing ourselves into alignment with the truth of what is

Without judgement, in truth

Asking wholeheartedly for our hearts to remain open

To allow all parts of our soul back in alignment with love

Inviting peace within

Inviting in light

Inviting in unconditional love

Allowing ourselves to be...authentic in every moment

Through an open heart

- Nicola Cunha