Unconditional Love

To go deep within

Takes great courage

However, when we really look

Hidden within us is a great desire to be loved

As we are

Instead of there being a big hairy monster

There is actually just a part of us

That wants to be noticed

To be seen

To be heard

What has kept us separated from our true selves

Has not been an outside force

But our own unwillingness to look within

At the parts that need our attention the most

In recognising this for ourselves

We can truly delve into our truth

With a deep desire to know ourselves

With love

Creating deep peace within us

Knowing we can hold ourselves

In any given moment

Allowing truth to run deep

Deep within our souls

All this time we have been looking outside ourselves

When, all this time

What we truly desire

Has been within us

Waiting for our recognition

Unconditional love

In any given moment

Every part of us

With deep embrace

And acceptance

- Nicola Cunha