What is the heart field?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The heart field allows access to the all, access to possibility with no limitations. It is a field of unconditional love, providing a door to freedom within. It is a space of grace that is available at all times. It is non- discriminatory.

The heart field provides a space to ask any open ended question and hidden within it, the greatest potential for awareness into what is possible.

The heart field is very different to the mind with its parameters, perceptions and limitations. It is all embracing and allows you to disrobe and to be loved completely for who you are.

The field of the heart encourages you to speak your truth with conviction. The only limits to what is possible lies in our imaginations. It allows the essence of who we are to move through us in empowering and authentic ways.

The heart field is timeless and moves beyond what is accessible from our minds. It gives us access to far more information than we ever thought possible.

We have allowed our hearts to be a slave to the mind. It is time now to let go of the wheel that has controlled our minds with limitation and constriction and put out the sails for our heart to take us.

Where to you ask? We just need to trust that if we remain in our hearts we will be guided in the moment to where our hearts’ desire. From here we will experience synchronicity and flow like never before.

Let's start the adventure!

- Nicola Cunha