Awakening to the truth of your Sovereign Divinity

To be Sovereign

To be free

Free from what binds you

Free from any restriction in the present moment

All it takes is an invitation

An invitation to be joined by your sovereign self

Your divine light joining you

In that present moment

United, as One

Even in your darkest moments

I am the light of your Soul

Waiting to take the load off for you

Waiting to do the heavy lifting

Always available to you, as you

This darkness

Yes, I am here with you

Ready to be the light that heals your wounds

Just ask and I will help you

Bring light to your darkness

This hatred towards yourself

Yes, I am here with you

Directing you toward more self-love

Let me open the path for you to receive

This divine love that you are

I feel so small

Yes, I am here with you

Guiding you to let go of this restriction

With your willingness to relinquish this perceived restraint

Whatever it is, I can lift your burden

I am the light of your soul

Speaking to you through life

There is no moment that I am not here

Willing to help you be sovereign and free

I am never separate from you

I am the one here with every rise and fall

I will never leave you

Because I am you

I am the light of your soul

In every present moment

This moment is all there is

Guiding you to come back home

Back home to your heart and the light of your soul

One self-loving step at a time

May we be united in every present moment

-Nicola Cunha