How do I love all of myself?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

By embracing all of self and bringing all of self into the field of the heart without judgement. Any darkness is just the light far separated from itself, unseen and unfelt.

Let the light in. Embrace these parts of self that do not feel loving and warm. These parts need to be bought into consciousness. It is all you. Unless we bring all these parts of self to be loved we will not find our joy.

Everyone has a story. Albeit,some have experienced more separation from love than others. However, those deeply hidden parts of ourselves that we have denied are waiting to be embraced and claimed back into the soul.

We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and soften unto our own essence, to allow an awareness when we are not loving ourselves. We must relax the harshness of our being and be in the moment to what is and allow that into our hearts.

Forget the trying, just be in the truth of the moment. We must recognise these parts of self for what they are, parts that have separated from love, our true essence.

It is ok to see the story of where we have come from and experienced but if we stay in the story we get caught in a continual loop. We need to accept that it happened, it just is and bring it back to a loving space.

Allow yourself to feel angry, sad, hurt, shame etc… However, do not remain in the never-ending loop of the experience in your mind. Bring those feelings into the field of your heart where it can be transmuted from a place of unconditional love, bringing us back to the wholeness that we have separated from.

- Nicola Cunha