Tension in Your Energy Field

Resistance is powerful It can literally stop flow to your source The will of man (and woman) is strong To resist closes doors to flow

Being electromagnetic beings We are susceptible to flow When disrupted it creates tension Tension builds upon itself Attracting more to itself

To be free of this tension requires surrender It requires a handing over of an idea, a belief, an identity that we hold onto tightly In order to release the tension we must give permission to let go We must feel it is there and allow it to be gone

There is a certain amount of death that is required for this process A rewiring of how it has been to something new This is necessary to create new possibilities in life There is little forward movement living from the old premises

To be aware of resistance To ask for its dismantling Dismantling of the walls, the way that it pushes against the newly desired premises The way that it holds on for dear life for the safety of the old ways of being

Feel this resistance Allow this to be the paving of a new way of being When you feel it, ask and be willing for these parts to die within you These parts that have been built to protect you for so long These are no longer needed in this way

There is a history here that has been built around tension Allow this to melt away This is an old identity that will only inhibit you moving forward Release your fear Embrace these fears with love

You are moving into a new way of BEing One that allows flow and movement One that is free to see new possibilities

One that is free to BE

- Nicola Cunha