The Ego Mind

When we fear the unknown

It is not that we fear where we are going

It is actually the fear of fear itself

Fear can be all-consuming

However in its rawness

Fear can allow us a rite of passage

A rite of passage to the unknown

A space that can be entered, that allows movement

Everything is in movement

Towards something, away from something

It is only when we stop this movement it creates drama

It is only in this stuck state that creates resistance

This resistance to what is

Creates further resistance to what is

Disrupting the constant flow of life

Creating something to adhere to

Here, the mind wants to play

Here, the ego mind lives

Here….where something must be a certain way

Here….where that emotion must create a certain wave of reaction

To free ourselves from the clutches of the ego mind

We must keep things in flow

We must bring all to the present moment and let it be seen

Let it be felt and move through our existence

If we try to hold on, this fortifies the reaction

The resistance to movement creates rigidity

It is only in the surrender and the allowance of all things in the moment

That we can truly live in an authentic way

We can see and feel rigidity

Things must be a certain way

I am holding pain in my body here

Instead of holding on to that idea or that pain

Why not go into it and allow it to be, let go in the moment, let it move

Why do we not practice surrender instead of holding on?

It is the ego mind that feels threatened by surrender

It knows it cannot exist in the world of surrender

If fights for its’ survival

Who do we want to drive our vessel?

Someone who insists on keeping us anchored in our past experiences and in promise of a set future?

Or….from a place that is allowing of who we truly are in each moment and wants us to dream big and connect to what is possible?

It is up to us to choose

We can either step into a new way of being

Or….we can stay in the familiarity of life driven by ego…keeping us bound to our past

Remember fear itself can open doors to the unknown

If we just allow it…in full presence…embraced within our hearts

Only in this embrace can we move beyond the limitations of our minds

- Nicola Cunha