The Eternal Now

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

The Eternal Now, a space of no time, eternal vigilance. A place of beauty, song, wisdom.

As if to fly with the wind, to trust and go where the wind takes you. Being in the no time allows movement that is divinely orchestrated.

Feel the flow, feel the blocks. Manoeuvre through with grace. Ask to move with grace flowing through you.

Ask to be shown. Learn to live in a space of grace. Learn to operate from here. Learn to embrace this being-ness.

STOP. Open the doors to grace. Open the doors of communication. Embrace all of self from this space.

Possibility is yours. Ask. You have everything you need.

No time…the eternal now. There is an all embracing, enfolded energy of love that changes patterns and flow. From here you can heal. From here, there is movement. It allows grace to flow through you. It allows for healing in all levels of being.

You are a being of the eternal now that can get stuck in loops of time. Time an illusion of separation from the space of grace. The eternal now is forever, reproducing itself in everything.

How do we live beyond the illusion?

Take the space to plug in to your connection to the all. Take the time – the illusion and plug in to something different. Ask to resonate with different channels of flow. Plug in to love, abundance, trust, joy, community, gratitude, clarity, desire, freedom, compassion, awareness etc….

Unplug from what you think you know. There is so much more to be. Let go of it all. Let go of the shores of safety. Only the ego wants you to stay.

Let go of the need to know. Put your hands up. Surrender to the unknown. Opt to be guided by something within you that is willing to fly.

Let fly…to the unknown….this space of grace that wants to fly. Ask for guidance. Ask for the unknown to be revealed to you in mysterious ways. Create a sense of wonder and expansion.

Create a life you dream of. Be the dream. Step into the space of dreams and create from there. Ask to be shown the way. Ask for assistance and it will be given to you in ways you can’t imagine. Things will align for you in magical ways.

Be brave. Show the ego the door out. Live from the heart. The eternal now is there, all in, ready, pursed, waiting for a creative force/being to create powerfully from a space of grace.

YOU are the vessel, the conduit for creativity. ASK. ALLOW. BE.

- Nicola Cunha